♠ Return Home ♠

Natalie Jacobs sees strange life in the spaces between apparent contradictions. To view her work is to find pleasure in the paradox––in the familiar alienation of intimacy, the uncertain joy of despair, and the lurid, technicolor beauty of a world on the edge of collapse. Though Jacobs’ perspective is clearly informed by a generational sense of nihilism and irony, it is also undeniably hopeful; there is much more than life in the bodies she paints. This is perhaps most apparent in her treatment of figures, which ache like childhood friends and swell like new lovers, each of them somehow exalted by Jacobs even as she damns them (to this earth, to those wounds, to these bodies).

♠ Return Home ♠

♖ Back to Form and Athleticism ♖

Acrylic Paint on Wood, September 2023

♖ Expert in a Dying Field ♖

Acrylic Paint on Wood, July 2023

♖ The Boxer 1 ♖

Acrylic Paint on Plywood, June 2023

♖ Something Added to the Air Forever ♖

Acrylic Paint on Wood, January 2023

♖ This Beautiful Creature Must Die ♖

Acrylic Paint on Canvas, June 2023

♖ Dull Domestication ♖

Acrylic paint on canvas, March 2023

♖ The Source ♖

Acrylic paint on wood, March 2023

♖ Sometimes We Cannot Know Until We Have Touched the Darkness ♖

Oil paint on wood, October 2022

♖ The Falcon Cannot Hear the Falconer ♖

Acrylic paint on wood, November 2022

♖ The Left Hand of Darkness (Is Light) ♖

Acrylic on canvas, July 2022

♖ The Air Pockets ♖

Acrylic paint on wood, July 2022

♖ Blood Brothers ♖

Acrylic paint on cardboard, July 2022

♖ Even From the Brother, There is No Comfort in the Dark Hour ♖

Acrylic on wood, April 2022

♠ Return Home ♠

♖ Besamé ♖

Pen and Ink on Paper, July 2023

♖ Tall as a Tree and Half as Mighty ♖

Charcoal and Ink on Wood. August 2023.

♖ Its Not Just Me It’s Everybody ♖

Graphite on rice paper, September 2022

♖ Pieta ♖

Ink and pen on paper, October 2022

♖ The Human Compact 1 ♖

Ink, pen, and graphite on paper, September 2022

♖ The Human Compact 2 ♖

Pen,ink, graphite, and charcoal on paper, September 2022

♖ The Human Compact 3 ♖

Ink, graphite, and pen on paper, September 2022

♖ I’m Watching You From Here ♖

Graphite on paper, September 2022

♖ TV ♖

Ink, graphite, and charcoal on paper, July 2022

♖ The Mystery Before Us ♖

Ink, graphite, and charcoal on paper, July 2022

♖ Jared (On the Phone with Andres) ♖

Ink, graphite, and charcoal on paper, July 2022

♖ Kate and Jack in Motion ♖

Ink, graphite, and charcoal on paper, June 2022

♖ I Always Knew You ♖

Ink, graphite, and charcoal on paper, July 2022

♖ Untitled ♖

Pyrograph on Pine, July 2022

♠ Return Home ♠

♖ The Simultaneity Principle ♖

Oil Paint on Wood, December 2021

♖ Involuntarily Celibate ♖

Oil Paint on Wood, May 2021

♖ Isabella’s Secret Garden ♖

Oil Paint on Canvas, August 2020

♖ Symphony in Green ♖

Acrylic Paint on Wood, January 2021

♖ Crane Your Neck ♖

Oil Paint on Wood, April 2021

♖ Plea for Tenderness ♖

Oil Paint on Wood, February 2021

♖ Cloth Mother ♖

Oil Painting on Wood, March 2021

♠ Return Home ♠

♞ 2023
KinoSaito Winter Exhibition, Verplanck, NY
Blood or Bond, Plaxall Gallery, Queens, NY
Visions, Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello, Venice, Italy
The Table, Level Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
♞ 2022
Agger Fish Building, Brooklyn, NY
SVA Flatiron Gallery, New York, NY
Rogue Space Gallery, New York, NY
♞ 2021
Tang Teaching Museum, Saratoga Springs, NY
Schick Gallery at Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY
♞ 2019
Jules Maidoff Gallery at SACI, Florence, Italy
♞ 2023
Kunstraum Artist Residency, Brooklyn, NY
ChaNorth Artist Residency, Pine Plains, NY
♞ 2022
Studio Residency in Painting, School of Visual Arts, NY, NY
♞ 2022
Visiting Artist, Loyola School, New York, NY
♞ 2021
Honors, Tang Teaching Museum
Work of Distinction in Fiction Writing, Skidmore College
♞ 2020
SEE BEYOND Award for Promising Artist, Skidmore College
♞ 2019
Sarah Bennett Fiction Writing Award, Skidmore College
♞ 2021
Skidmore College, Cum Laude, Saratoga Springs, NY
♘ B.S Studio Art
♘ B.A English
♞ 2019
Studio Arts College International, Florence, Italy
♞ 2016
Maine College of Art, Portland, ME
♘ Pre-College non-degree semester